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拉力帶, 護睕屬私人物品, 故不提供退換貨服務

台製護腕, 一組兩個.

高彈, IPF standard.

全口, 可任意調整纏繞的角度.

Blvd of God's wrist wrap utilizes premium materials combined with high density weaving methods to set the new standard in performance, comfort and value.

As a gym addict and a textile specialist. I recognize a proper wrist support plays a key role in every successful workout.

It is important boost each lift with maximum support to the wrist, reducing the chance of injuries.

Blvd of God’s first generation wrist wrap is developed with new technology that encompasses all critical features integrating them into one form.

We know how aggressive you want to be in your workouts, just as we strive to make the best products to suit your needs.
We believe that your workout should be liberating, colorful and strong, the moment you step into the gym.
We believe you deserve the best.

Limited editions.