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1%- 碳灰2.0 Sculpt bum 版 *Best seller*



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(全尺寸皆現貨, XS 七條, S, M 少量 )


1%, 2.0 Version, 2020 新款

版- Sculpt bum- 前面沒有尷尬線 + 後面顯臀設計

2020 的二月, 第一批 1% 碳灰, 藏藍到貨

五個月的時間, 兩批貨相繼跑完後, 在品質跟版型這兩點上, 有一些啟發

跟布廠溝通後, 1% 最大的特點就是它的包覆感跟支撐性.

在維持這兩點的情況下, 去稍微的增加它的順感, 也就是親膚性.

穿上去, 一樣的包覆, 而且更親膚.

版型方面, 臀線稍微的增加, 讓臀更伸展, 曲線更漂亮.

雖然都是很細微的改變, 但是相信在意細節的妳, 是可以感受得出來的.

1% 這款布本身的composition (69% nylon tactel, 31 lycra) 已經是非常好的料質

所以能提升的, 都是非常details 的東西.

And we believe, details are the only way toward perfection.

At the core, every time we try, we always present something better than the previous version.

一樣, 希望妳喜歡.

希望這個產品可以flourish your life with positive influences throughout your day.

Proudly made in Taiwan.

Kind Regards

Greg, home

0:52 am, 22 August 2020

材質上: 69% Nylon tactel, 31% Lycra


XS- Your height is between 150-165cm, weight below 50 kg, 臀圍一圈少於91cm

S- Your height is between 152-168cm, weight between 51 to 56 kg, 臀圍一圈91-95cm(max)

M- Your height is between 152-173cm, weight between 57 to 65 kg, 臀圍一圈95.5-99cm (max)

L- Your height is between 152-173cm, weight 65 above, 臀圍一圈99-106cm (max)

如果有任何尺寸上的疑問, 請傳一個ig訊息給我, 或是 greg@blvdofgod.com

Nylon fabric is more durable, stretchy and comfortable.

This training tights are designed with moderate compression to stabilize your muscles, super breathable material for your all year round use.