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1%- 碳灰2.0 基本款 ( XS, S, L 少量)

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1% 2.0 碳灰- 基本款

剛創業就是做基本款, 一個延續

基本款視覺上, 會感覺更高腰

高彈, 高腰, 包覆性好

版型設計- 提臀, 塑身, 為亞洲女生身形打造的一條leggings


材質上: 69% Nylon tactel, 31% Lycra


XS- Your height is between 150-165cm, weight below 50 kg, 臀圍一圈少於91cm

S- Your height is between 152-168cm, weight between 51 to 56 kg, 臀圍一圈91-95cm(max)

M- Your height is between 152-173cm, weight between 57 to 65 kg, 臀圍一圈95.5-99cm (max)

L- Your height is between 152-173cm, weight 65 above, 臀圍一圈99-106cm (max)

如果有任何尺寸上的疑問, 請傳一個ig訊息給我, 或是 greg@blvdofgod.com

Nylon fabric is more durable, stretchy and comfortable.

This training tights are designed with moderate compression to stabilize your muscles, super breathable material for your all year round use.