Our Story

There are no boundaries, no limitations, no set of rules, and no judgments.
The road is diverse and full of possibilities.
Blvd is the big road, a road that will take you there.
In search of an identity with somethingwider, unrestricted, and full of aspiration.

這一切的開始, 是2017年的六月.
在連續很多個面試沒有過, 一個人生的分水嶺, 我選擇了創業這條路.
沒有太多前人的路可循, 一切照著自己的直覺走.
直到今天, 我一直相信 great ideas can change the world, can make the world a better place to be.
我一直覺得台灣做得東西很棒, 但是一直是做代工, 而代工不是不好, 而是少了一個主導權.
創業到現在, 我的產品全部都是台灣做.
我希望我的產品不只是代表品質, 也是一個有靈魂, 有文化的東西.
創業後的每一天, 雖然有大大小小的困難, 但是我每一天都在想, 怎麼把產品做得更有質感, 更有靈魂.
lt takes time, have to think deep.
兩年了, 很開心現在這裡, 分享這個our story 的區塊.
About us.
We are a special group of people.
We love great quality products, we have our view for the world, and we celebrate individuality.
Most importantly, we are passionate for life, and we love challenges that can push us forward.
不管你來自於哪裡, 很開心你看到了這個our story.
The journey continue.
It's great, , life is beautiful.
Cherish every moment of life.
Founder, Greg.
home, 11:38pm, 18 June.



From June 2017