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Can I Still Bet on Casinos Not on Gamstopping?

In the last few months there has been a serious increase in the number of complaints coming from UK players who have visited online casinos in order to play online blackjack, craps or roulette. Unfortunately these complaints have come from two separate sources: UK players who have found that the casinos they were playing on had not joined Gambling Commission guidelines, and operators of online casinos who have chosen not to join Gambling Commission guidelines. The operators of UK casinos which have chosen not to follow Gambling Commission guidelines have actually chosen not to offer any blackjack or roulette games for players from the UK. Why have they chosen not to offer their online player’s blackjack and roulette? There are at least two reasons:

Casinos that refuse to offer blackjack and roulette gambling games to UK players have two objectives. First, they want to retain their very lucrative casino slots machine business. These machines, especially those in big casinos such as the London Casino, are hugely profitable for them. Secondly, they are worried about the competition. They know very well that there is a lot of money in the slots game; therefore, they would be making very little if any profits from offering the slots to UK players.

So why don’t they join the Gambling Commission? Obviously, it costs the casino very little to be a member. They will not make a loss on the money they loan out to you, so why join? It seems to me that they recognise that if they offer the slots to UK players then it will soon lose the lucrative slot casino slot game to the new online casino with the highest payout – and the casino with the highest payout will offer the slots to UK players. This means that they will lose money from the casino with the highest payout but still make a profit from the casino with the second highest payout.

Another reason why some casinos not on Gamstops are not offering the slots to UK players is because they are suffering financially from the recession. Clearly the casinos are not making as much money as they did a few years ago, when they were first starting out. So naturally, they are not keen on taking all of their slot machines with them when they are no longer generating the high volumes of income that they did before. In fact, it is quite the opposite: they are cutting back on their spending, so they are no longer in the black as far as their casino operations are concerned. Instead, they are making choices that allow them to reduce the amount they are making from the gambling facilities at their resorts.

If casinos not on Gamstops are doing this, then why are all of the people at these casinos signing up to become members of these online gambling sites? The simple answer is that they want a better chance at winning the slot machines. I know that the casino operators do not want you to play the slots at your land based casino because that is where the money is. Therefore, they are offering you free bonus cash to use at their online casinos.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you. In fact, the only thing that it does for you is to ensure that you get a better slot machine selection with your gambling site. You will always find more slot machines at these betting sites when there are more members there. This is a simple mathematical equation: the more slot players there are, the more likely (or easier) it is to fill the casino slots with spins. This, in turn, will help increase your chances of winning big jackpots.

Do you still feel skeptical about signing up for a casino membership with Gamstopping? There is another reason that you should consider it. A lot of people who have not signed up for a casino with a specific credit card provider, especially those who have no credit cards, do not realize that they can take advantage of this offer. Gamstopping allows you to transfer your balance from your credit cards and transfer the same balance over to a gambling account where you will be able to play free slots.

Once again, you need not worry about losing any money. The casinos at this site are very much secure and you can be assured that your deposits will be safe and secure. It will not even cross your mind that you might be cheating at these betting sites because you will be playing in your own house. Finally, if you want to win big, play in the casino. Even if you lose every now and then, you are sure casino not on gamstop to enjoy yourself since you are getting a lot for free.